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Just Get Married! Testimonials
Wedding in Sydney: Milsons Point, Polly & Rajnish Suneja (China/India)

Dear Deb,

We are writing to you, to thank you once again for the fantastic work you did for our wedding.Our families and friends, and we as well, had a great time on our Big Day, thanks to you and your team.The hairdresser was magnificent! She knew exactly what I wanted for my makeup and hair, and helped make me the prettiest I've ever looked. And David is the best photographer any couple could ever ask for. He captured the most beautiful moments with his lens. We can't stop looking at our pictures - and our friends have been praising them so much... And watching the video keeps taking us back those wonderful moments again and again - thanks to Rachel, these memories will stay with us forever. And of course, our celebrant. she is an amazing lady and we are glad that she married us - she made it really special and heartwarming.

But all this would not have been possible if not for you - you handled everything with such professionalism, it was amazing. Our every little request was addressed with immense patience. All this made our day so very special!! So thank you Deb, and good luck with your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy

Love, Polly & Rajnish Suneja (click on photo to see more pics)

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